Maximum value for every tax dollar

Municipal spending in all of its forms must be continuously scrutinized, and municipal funding must be managed within the existing resource pool as much as possible. Historical taxing levels should not be taken for granted. Our budget must reflect our city-wide priorities that best serve a growing and diverse population, and I believe we can afford what we intentionally prioritize.

There are occasions when the City will turn to alternative sources of funding for capital improvements in order to avoid excessive debt. Benefit districts that result in special assessments added to residential property taxes are never desirable. The City must not side-step its responsibility for funding capital improvements by assessing property owners in excess of their actual benefit. 

I do not support the use of residential benefit districts.

However, other forms of benefit districts as well as other forms of tax incentives, those more commercial in nature, may be appropriate on a case-by-case basis. The use of any tax-based incentives must be tied to sound business cases with verified return-on-investments that are well explained to the public in a timely manner.

City government is complex. Thoughtful, responsible fiscal management ensures Olathe remains financially healthy and secure for the long-term. The prioritization and budgeting process must be transparent at all times. The city website and the various forms of social media should all be leveraged in the name of transparency.

As your At-Large Councilor, I will make sound, transparent financial decisions informed by my broad professional experience and decades of public service in combination with my Master’s Degrees in Business and Public Administration. 

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