Accessible & Attainable Housing

Finding solutions for all stages of life

The city has a shortage of accessible housing which is variously termed starter housing, workforce housing, and the “missing middle.” Property to own in the range of $250,000 and under, and places to rent for $1,000 per month or less are in scarce supply.

Residential construction continues at a rapid pace. This includes single family and multifamily units. New homes and new apartments tend to have high prices. While there is certainly a market for these properties, the need for lesser expensive properties has been left unanswered.

Our Olathe 2040 Strategic Plan states that we will be a place that provides attainable housing. This means accessible housing for all stages of life. The City Council must take a leadership role in encouraging the development of housing that serves the full spectrum of our population. It is especially important to fully embrace the recommendations provided by the Johnson County Housing For All Task Force.

The issue of accessible housing is also related to seniors being taxed out of their homes. To allow our senior population the ability to age in place, I am open to exploring the options available for property tax relief for them.

Simply put, people should be able to afford to live where they work and play; people should also be able to retire in place or easily find a place to downsize.

As your At-Large Councilor, I will step forward to help lead the effort to provide accessible and attainable housing options for all Olatheans. 

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