Environmental Stewardship

Decision making
for the long-term

Our city government has a variety of environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives. They are well thought out and cost effective, but they are not integrated into a coordinated, coherent Climate Change Action Plan. Now is the time to take next steps by actively planning to leverage, expand, and unify city government efforts as well as establishing community-wide goals.

The plan should include strategies to reduce non-renewable energy consumption and reduce total waste. It should also include consideration of how to increase transit ridership, and other lower impact means of transportation, as well as lessening the need for transportation. It implements land use and construction strategies that promote smart growth and green solutions. Climate change mitigation encompasses hardening existing infrastructure to make it more weather resistant and reliable as well as using state-of-the-art materials during infrastructure renovation to enhance long-term durability.

It is important to acknowledge the reality in which we live and make reasoned, commonsense decisions that allow Olathe to continue to thrive and prosper. It builds upon Olathe’s national reputation as a top choice to both live and work. The Plan helps to ensure Olathe remains sustainable and resilient now and for our future generations. 

As your At-Large Councilor, I will champion a Climate Change Action Plan for the benefit of all Olatheans and Olathe businesses.

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