Modernized Infrastructure

Intentional design to match Olathe’s growth

We need intentional design to match our city’s growth. Our population stands today at 145,000. As it has for the last 20 years, we expect Olathe to grow by 2,000 residents every year for the foreseeable future. This dictates city-wide development decisions ensuring that our existing infrastructure is modernized and balanced with the logical expansion of infrastructure in advance of growth.

There is both tremendous opportunity and tremendous responsibility to manage this growth in a manner that increases convenient shopping, expands commercial/industrial development, and enhances existing neighborhoods while establishing new places to live. Intentional development includes multiple, convenient options to travel throughout the city and provision for high qualities of life and workplace.

Infrastructure includes a breadth of activities, but it is key that we proactively improve and expand street infrastructure, rather than playing catch-up to the disadvantage of residents. Olathe consists of approximately 65 square miles. It has over 1,300 lane miles of roadway. Street maintenance and traffic flow in all directions remain high priorities.

It is important that decisions follow both the spirit of and guidance within the Olathe 2040 Strategic Plan, the Envision Olathe Comprehensive Development Plan, the Envision Olathe Downtown Plan, and the Olathe Transportation Master Plan.

As your At-Large Councilor, I will ensure intentional decisions are made to proactively match our city’s growth to the advantage of both residents and businesses. 

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