Public Safety

Community-focused Police, Fire, & EMS 

Public Safety translates to Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). It is always job #1. Every Olathean should be and feel personally safe. We should also take comfort in knowing that in addition to our personal safety, our property is protected from theft or vandalism.

Law-and-order is paramount, but that phrase is incomplete.

The correct, complete statement should read: Law-and-order is paramount with fair and impartial justice for all. It is through equitable treatment and transparency that true justice is achieved. The fact is, marginalized groups throughout our country have historically been treated differently by law enforcement; we must recognize how that disparity looks in our own community by listening to a variety of voices and welcoming a wide range of feedback.

The role of a city council member includes helping to connect impacted individuals with the groups and resources that already exist in our community, like the Citizens Police Advisory Council. I am committed to making sure residents know how to communicate their experiences and seek help when needed.

We are fortunate to have highly effective Police and Fire Departments. It is essential these operations are fully funded and that salaries reflect the difficulties of the jobs. We must also ensure the best continuing education and credentialing as part of the career advancement of every public safety team member.

Living the credo “to serve and protect” means a commitment to exceeding the highest levels of performance as well as constant attention to selflessly serving all Olatheans.

As your At-Large Councilor, I will offer continued support for our Police, Fire, and EMS so they have access to the best available training and resources, ensuring they can purposefully serve and protect our community as a whole.

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